Joab is the creation of two Australians, London based Sydneysider, Jordan and Josh, a reformed Perthonality. Mates for longer than we probably should have been, travel has always been a massive part of both of our lives; between the two of us we pretty much have the globe covered.

We have both always loved quality “stuff’, food, clothes, experiences, actually anything really, as long as its authentic, well made and local.

A few years back Jordan was travelling along the edge of the Mediterranean, by chance he stumbled upon a shoemaker, making shoes that were basically unchanged for 800 years. The designs were straight out of an Ottoman folk dancing troupe, but the quality process was instantly recognisable as something unique.

Around the same time, Josh was in Marrakech, trying to find a pair of Moroccan slippers that weren’t multi coloured, tourist tat. He failed, but the idea remained.

 It took a few years to get Joab off the ground, and over fresh fish and beers in Montenegro we decided to make it work. A few months later we were flying into Southern Turkey, working with a 5th generation son of one of the few remaining local families plying the “cordwaining” trade. It took us almost a year to get it right, plenty of redesigns, countless tannery visits, understanding that things work a bit differently when you are working with a process older than Turkey itself.

In the end we didn’t change much, just a few tweaks. Joab is about quality and provenance, not fashion and mass production. We source our leathers individually, and each pair is cut, shaped and stitched by hand, making every pair is as individual as its wearer.

We hope you come to love these shoes as much as we do.

Josh & Jordan