Joab Leather Liniment

Joab Leather Liniment

With proper care your Joab shoes should age with grace. Joab Leather Liniment is the perfect way to keep your shoes looking good. 

Sizing Guide

Get The Perfect Fit


You should wear Joab shoes snug, with the toes touching the end. The leather will stretch with wear.

We don’t make half sizes, so if between sizes we recommend sizing down (unless you wear an in-sole).

If possible compare sizes with other loafers, espadrilles or slip-ons (not athletic shoes or boots).


Joab shoes come in a mens and a womens fit.

The men’s shoe is wider and allows for a broader foot. The women’s shoe is narrower and allows for a thinner foot. It is common for women with a wider foot to wear the men’s shoe, and vice versa. The shoes have no discernible difference between men’s and women’s apart from the width.


We recommend wearing the shoes without socks (the water buffalo sole usually neutralises smell), however if you feel more comfortable wearing socks we suggest thin low-cut socks.

Due to the handmade process the inner stitching can sometimes be felt around the toes. This is normal and will soften into a seamless sole as you wear.


With wear the rubber outer sole might come away from the leather sole. Nothing to be alarmed about, any cobbler worth their salt will be able to fix quickly & easily.